We sincerely thank all those who went out of their way to review our website and printed material, attend consultation sessions, the Q&A afternoon and private meetings and engage with us by phone and email. Due to input from Broken Head residents the following changes to the application have been made:

  • We have removed the six demountable cabins proposed for the mapped erosion area. Instead of 33 cabins there are now 27;
  • We are examining an expansion in the existing site Biodiversity Conservation Management Plan re-vegetation program to include other areas of the site;
  • We are going to try our best to work with neighbours to further vegetate Broken Head wildlife corridors to enhance the biodiversity characteristics and fauna connectivity from Linnaeus all the way to Taylors Lake;
  • We are making an application for a Conservation Agreement for the key habitat parts of the land pursuant to Part 5, Division 3 of the Biodiversity Conservation Act; and
  • We are liaising with Council concerning the rezoning of the whole of the site for environmental protection purposes.   

Once again, thank you to all the Broken Head residents who have taken and are still taking the time to engage with us. We truly appreciate your investment in our project and in your community.

Please contact us at any time on enquiries@ecotourismproposal.com.au or 0291588665.

The Linnaeus Ecoretreat team


We have submitted a development application regarding the 111.2 hectare Linnaeus Estate property at 951 Broken Head Road Broken Head.

Consent is being sought to continue with current uses and at the same time establish a low scale eco-retreat. The building footprint for proposed new development is 0.35 hectares or less than one third of one percent of the site. Across the property with all existing and new development combined the building footprint would be 0.78 hectares or less than three quarters of one percent of the site. 

We do not require access through the private road from Broken Head Road to Seven Mile Beach Road. Nor do we require access through Seven Mile Beach Road.

New development would avoid sensitive habitat, occurring on cleared and disturbed land only. The ecoretreat has a zero carbon commitment.

Linnaeus location plan