How will you manage your guests offsite?

Some neighbours have expressed concern about additional people on local beaches and roads. Please allow us to respond to some of these concerns.

1.0 Ecotourism vs tourism

The ecotourism experience is intended as high yield and low impact for the local community and surrounding ecology. A very large property mostly preserved for nature providing a genuine Australian habitat experience for very few (relative to the size of the property) people. For information regarding the criteria for “Eco-tourist uses” please click here.

There are numerous high end accommodation providers in and around Byron Bay which cater brilliantly for travellers who wish to let their hair down and party. We would not be among them.

2.0 Pricing 

It is suggested that our pricing structure would deter those wishing to spend a lot of time offsite. Given our limited dining option we believe that our guests would dine offsite maybe once daily.

We would also promote formal offsite activities with local tourism providers in and around Byron Bay.

3.0 Guest induction

Guest induction would occur over four phases.

3.1 Marketing

The promise is nature and connection. While the marketing would be upmarket and polished, the experience promoted would be one of rustic natural luxury with a wellbeing and health focus. 

3.2 Booking

The booking confirmation email would include content regarding the fragile nature of the property and surrounding area. There would be a link and an attachment to further information.

3.3 Arrival

Upon arrival guests would be welcomed and provided with a verbal induction. This would cover:

  • Out of bounds areas of the property
  • Where guests can and can’t go unguided
  • The retreat ethos including quiet appreciation of nature
  • Key points re the surrounding area. Such as roads to avoid. Some of this would be communicated as where to go as opposed to where not to go
  • Guests would be advised of the nature of the beach and that swimming is at their own risk. Should guests wish to access the beach they would do so via an existing gate

3.4 Compendium

The in cabin compendium would provide further detail regarding the sensitivity of the property and local area. Again, it will sometimes be about advising guests what to do as opposed to what not to do.

4.0 Ongoing guest education

Given the intimate nature of the retreat staff will be across what guests are doing and can monitor/advise as appropriate.

5.0 Ongoing management

We intend to work hard to be excellent neighbours and add value to the Broken Head community over time. Ongoing feedback will be invaluable in improving our operations.