How will you protect the ecology?

Large parts of the site have been zoned Environmental Protection (E2) and Environmental Management (E3). Broken Head Coastal Foundation and Byron Shire Council both supported this zoning change, which was gazetted (made lawful) on 28th February 2020. Combined with the other environmental zones and controls applying to this land, this protects some 65% of the site in perpetuity.

This application avoids sensitive habitats, utilising areas of cleared land (mown grassland) or significantly modified vegetation subject to regular mowing.

Should this application be approved the excellent environmental works that the Broken Head Coastal Foundation have designed and implemented would be intensified. Their approach can be understood by viewing the Linnaeus Nature Guide.

This application is based on and because of protection of the ecology. Success of the ecotourism enterprise depends upon protection of the biodiversity values of the property.

For more information regarding ecology please click here.