We are seeking to continue with current uses and at the same time establish a low scale ecoretreat around the existing facilities – pool, communal buildings and tennis court. Some of the onsite buildings would continue to be used for private education and some would be used for the ecoretreat. Additional development proposed includes:

  • An evacuation building.
  • A staff depot (back of house) with office space and parking.
  • Facilities around the existing pool – spa with four therapy suites, sauna, steam room, Turkish Hammam, light food and beverage offering and toilets/showers.
  • A garden shed.
  • A bin and storage utility building.

A deck extension is also proposed for the community centre to open it to the north east allowing greater light and airflow.

We are proposing that 11 approved but unbuilt three bedroom two storey houses with a combined 2388m²  floor space not be erected. Instead that 33 new one bed treehouses/cabins with a combined floor space of 1862m²  be constructed for ecoretreat guests.  

The building footprint of new development would be 0.35 hectares or less than one third of one percent of the site. The building footprint across the entire property including all existing and new development would be 0.78 hectares or less than three quarters of one percent of the site.

New development would avoid sensitive habitat, occurring on cleared and disturbed land only. 

The ecoretreat has a zero carbon commitment. What this means is that the majority of energy required would be provided by a significant onsite solar investment, with the balance provided by 100% renewable Australian wind or solar.


The approved population now including all existing and approved but unbuilt development is 112 people. Under this application the population could be up to 145 people. This figure includes up to 109 people for ecotourism, although given the 70% occupancy norm a more accurate figure is 76.3 people. The resident population of the site under the Byron Rural Land Use Strategy CT provisions is 148.5 persons (the Strategy says 33 lots x 4.5 persons).

Accommodation (green shading indicates permanent or part time ecoretreat use)

Source: “Accommodation type” is fact. “# of units” is fact. The “Max people per unit” calculation is based on size, number of bedrooms, configuration and target market. “Maximum population” is maths. “Ecotourism population” – it is standard tourism practice to work on an average occupancy of 70%. It is not expected that this will be reached during the early stages of operation.